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How do you draw the winning numbers?

All draws are done by using a well known RNG (random number generator) program and live streamed on our youtube channel ( The draw will be 100% transparent and random. The winners will be listed on the ”winners” tab on the website. If your ticket has one of the winning numbers on it, you’ll receive the prize amount with an airdrop to the same wallet you hold the ticket in.

Can I buy multiple tickets?

Of course! Every ticket has an equal chance of winning and you are allowed to buy multiple.

Can I sell my tickets to other people?

You can, the winning the prize will go to the wallet holding the CNFT. Remember that after the raffle is done, you can't participate in the following raffles with the same ticket. Tickets always have an indicator to show the specific raffle round they are linked to. Be careful before purchasing the tickets from anywhere other than the official CNFT Raffles page.

What wallets can I use?

Any wallet that supports CNFTs. For instance Yoroi, Daedalus or Nami. DO NOT use any CEX like binance, kraken etc.

What’s the ticket price?

The ticket prices are game specific ranging from fifteen to upwards. You can see info and the prizes on the Events tab!

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